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Welcome Stone

From visitor to member.

Thinking of joining us?

Okay, you've visited once, twice, three times. You love the facilities and the location, you've made new friends with other like-minded people and so you arrive at a decision point - should we commit to joining?

At Western Sunfolk we are always happy to have new members join us. Membership, however, is subject to a few conditions. The following information will, hopefully, help you make your choice.

Applying for membership.

All prospective new member(s) are required to complete an application form and submit it together with a recent photograph of each adult joining. Three trial visits are, usually, required before membership is considered by the Club Committee. If admitted, new members join as Associate Members. Application forms may be requested by completing a General Enquiry.

Associate Members are reviewed at the September Committee meeting with a view to making them Full Members. This allows both parties the opportunity to consider if membership should proceed, without excessive initial financial outlay on the part of the prospective member.

You can join as a day member, as a camping member or with a view to becoming a site holder.

Club Rules.

Every organisation has sets of rules, and our club is no different. Should you actually be on-site at the point of reading this article, then a paper copy can be accessed in the pavilion. On becoming a member you will be able to access the rules, and loads of other information, via the members area of the club website.

Club use - As a member you can visit as often as you like, when you like and make use of the facilities that are open. Members, who are site-holders are expected to reside at the club for at least 16 nights, within a club season.

Club maintenance - As a member throughout the year, you are expected to contribute some of your time to club work parties. Everyone is able to contribute something, young, old, able and disabled alike. Without everyones involvement the club could not be kept running and looking the way it does.

Touring Caravan Storage - We have a limited number of spaces available for storing touring caravans. Members, who have not been allocated a site, are able to use this facility during the season. It is to be stressed, however, that stored caravans are not to be left in storage, unused, for more than three weeks.

Site holders - Upon members being allocated a site, they become responsible for its upkeep whether as a temporary or permanent site holder.

Smoking and Vaping on site - The only designated areas that visitors and members may smoke is in the smoking shelter at the west end of the pavilion, and on a visitor's or member's own site.

Members playing miniten

Club Website.

On becoming a member you will be able to access far more information regarding the club, through the members area of the club website. Including up to date information on current issues, New Members Information, Bare Facts (the WSF Newsletter) covers a variety of articles including local places of interest. An outline of the Club history, a sitemap of where other members reside, and also information on the Committee Members and roles undertaken by club members.

Sunday Coffee Mornings.

The club holds regular coffee mornings, throughout the season, where coffee, tea and cakes are sold. Proceeds from coffee mornings are donated to the club. Members are requested to organise a coffee morning, each year.

Social Events.

If you've been fortunate enough to visit during a social event, you will know how much fun they are. Social events run throughout the year and are an important club activity, where the whole club comes together for an evening of entertainment.

We have had an Australian Christmas, Pirates Evening, James Bond Night, General Knowledge and Music Quizzes, Curry Nights, Skittles, the list goes on. These are organised by club members and can be for any time in the year. Scheduled events can be found here.

If you become a member why don't you have a go at organising something? It doesn't have to be big. Our membership is always willing to assist the organisation and operation of an event.


Do you have a trade, or skill, that you could put to good use assisting in the running of the Club? If so, please let us know when you join. We are always in need of help and assistance, in a wide variety of ways. Your contribution will always be welcome.

Dick Brice Folk Singer performing at WSF


Fees and subscriptions are payable immediately upon acceptance of the application for membership. At the discretion of the Committee part reductions may be applicable when joining part way through the season.

For information on the latest membership fees applicable, please contact us via the Enquiries e-mail address provided below.

Well that's it!

At least I think that's it!! If you are unsure of anything at all, feel free to ask other members (if you are on-site), or contact us using the information below or by completing a general enquiry. One thing is very true of our club members, we are all happy to help.

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